Innovations for Tomorrow: Implications of the 4th Industrial Revolution

Bucharest, May 24th

An exploration of the future and the implications it will have on Romania’s development.


Organised by the Global Shapers Bucharest Hub in partnership with Hello Tomorrow, this event looks at some of the most important trends and tipping points that come with the 4th Industrial Revolution. We will also look at how these influence the next decades in Romania and what are some of the opportunities and challenges for Romanian society.



Industries are changing at a faster pace due to new technologies.

3D printing disrupted many industries because it allowed the simple building of everything from small houses to new organs. The music industry was once again shaken by the sudden monopoly of the streaming services, which made disc obsolete. And with digital services becoming mainstream and secure, the finance industry is fighting for decentralization and blockchain is riding the hype.



Mobility is becoming a key driver for new value chains and creates faster, cheaper and synchronised transformation

With the emergence of city economies that are starting to outgrow, even the economies of some countries whether it is transport of goods and services, commuting between work and home or just going home, fluidity has become a general economy necessity.



Will digital transformation create new types of systems and realities?

The possibilities of billions of people connected by mobile devices, with unprecedented processing power, storage capacity, and access to knowledge are unlimited. Whether it’s science, education or government, IT and the acceleration we see in AI will impact every sector of life. What are some of the trends in AI and data science that we need to look at?



Advancements in biotechnology and genetics are expanding the limits of the human body

With the help and leadership of an emergent futurist generation of entrepreneurs, the idea of becoming a cyborg is no more seen as science fiction. However, there will always be philosophical concerns on the identity of oneself when it merges with the artificial. But then again, this is also a question of when.

Sessions on Romania’s Future

Impact on economy & future of work

What is the impact of automation, relocation, 3D printing or digitalisation of work for the Romanian economy and social development? What is the future of innovation, productivity and efficiency in our country and have we already lost the train towards the future?

Society, Education & Inequality

Romania is not investing enough in education, despite strong inequality. In emergent economies, technological advancements have proven to be able to slowly pull populations up to the middle class, when citizens are empowered to use it. Is Romania on the right track to balance social security?

New business models

From Uber to Airbnb and from the use of Blockchain and shared economy, business models, growth and institutional relations are changing fast. Will Romania continue to adapt slowly and react or could it become pro-active in supporting better the innovator ventures and models?

Featured Speakers

Dr. Petrica Dulgheru

Chemist, R&D Project Manager, BOSAL Emissions

Andrei Tarnea

Commissioner of the Romania-France Season

Augustin Jianu

Minister for Communication and Information Society

Carmen Oprea

Cofounder & COO, Socital

Bogdan Iordache

Cofounder How to Web/TechHub

Ioan Istrate

Entrepreneur, XPRIZE Visioneer

Dr. Flavia Zant

Doctor, Genetics Specialist

Dragos Pislaru

Economist, fmr. Minister of Labor

Ioan Iacob

CEO, Qualitance

Janusz Frackowiak

Chief Engineer, Fractal Systems Dubai


Young Innovators
Senior business and public figures
National and International Speakers



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